Bathmate Trim - Free with HydroXtreme

February 2020 Only - Save Big!

For the first time ever, here's a Bathmate offer for absolutely everyone! Through February 2020, we're giving you a completely free Bathmate Trim manscaping/ razor kit when you buy any of our ultra-powerful HydroXtreme pumps!

Ready to experience real gains and comfort? Head on down to pick your perfect HydroXtreme size, and use the second button to claim your free Bathmate Trim! Your coupon takes effect once you head to the checkout, saving you a full $47.98. However, you don't want to miss out - this coupon expires at midnight on February 29th!

If your free Trim offer isn't activating for any reason, just use the following code at checkout (you'll need a HydroXtreme and a Bathmate Trim in your cart):


Note: Because of technical difficulties with currency conversion, this code may not work correctly outside the US.


HydroXtreme7 - $299

Erect Length: 5-7 Inches

Erect Girth: Up to 6.5 Inches

Our strongest ever penis pump, HydroXtreme uses a convenient handball to let you easily achieve the maximum safe level of pump pressure, giving you completely unbeatable gains! Available in every size, HydroXtreme means real results.

As with all of our pumps, you can be sure of satisfaction with HydroXtreme - our satisfaction guarantee means you can claim a full refund for 60 days for any reason whatsoever!







Includes Free Accessory Set

  • Carry case

  • Measuring Gauge

  • Cleaning Sponge

  • Handball

  • Comfort Insert Pad

  • Hose Attachment

  • Bathmate Clean

  • Security Lock

  • Shower Strap

  • Wash Towel

Bathmate Trim

Bathmate Trim


Keeping your pubic hair tidy doesn't just make you look better. It means that you'll get the best possible results when you start working out with Bathmate! Including a powerful USB-chargeable razor and a fully adjustable set of combs, Bathmate Trim is perfect for manscaping - and it's completely free with any HydroXtreme this February!


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