Cómo usar una hidrobomba

Using a Bathmate hydropump, the world's most popular penis pump, is easy. Just follow the below steps to start building up real gains for size, erection quality and more:

Step 1: Slide the latch into the closed position

On top of your pump, you'll see a valve with 3 positions. Slide it to either side, closing the valve. If you have a Hydro Series pump, you'll need to hold the pip in to keep the valve closed while filling.

Step 2: Prepare the pump

In the bath or shower, fill your pump with warm water. Insert your penis and attach the pump to your body.

Step 3: Start the pump

Open the valve and start pulling the pump towards your body, forming a seal. Continue pumping, sending water out the tip and forming a vacuum.

Step 4: Wait

You should feel pressure from the vacuum. Make sure this is at a comfortable level, and leave the pump on for about 3 minutes. Release the pressure by pressing the valve down, rest for about 2 minutes, then repeat steps 2-4 twice.

Step 5: Remove pump

After about 15 minutes of pump use, you should be fully erect. Release the valve to remove pressure.


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